Michael's Story

Prosthetics and Orthotics 

Michael Wall hasn't walked in over 11 years. He was born with cerebral palsy and used to wear plastic braces that caused pain and sores. Due to the constant pain and discomfort, Michael has been wheelchair bound since he was 10 years old.

Michael Wall and his therapist working on the parallel bars

When Michael first came to our NovaCare Prosthetics & Orthotics center in Kenosha, WI to work with Center Manager and Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist Jill Rusecki, he struggled to stand, pivot or transfer his weight and had no ankle support.

Over the course of the next six months, Michael worked hard with Jill and she fitted him with ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs). As time went on, Michael began to get comfortable with his AFOs and has begun to be more independent and is able to walk over 40 feet without a walker.

After 11 years of not being able to walk, Michael is back on his feet and while he hasn't reached his goals fully, he's well on his way. "The important thing is being able to walk with a walker," he said.

In the near future, Michael is looking forward to driving and going on dates. Way to go, Michael. Keep up the great work!



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