Tanner's Success Story

Tanner was a 12-year-old middle linebacker when a punishing tackle left him with a severe concussion. In the countless months that followed, Tanner's parents watched with dread as he slowly became reserved and depressed while being debilitated by headaches. In their minds, treatment was going nowhere and there was not a clear path forward.

After three years, the family turned to NovaCare Rehabilitation for help. "The initial meeting with them was mind-blowing," said Tanner's dad, Jeffery. "We met with DJ Johnson [physical therapist], and he 'caught it' right away."

Like any good sports team, DJ developed a comprehensive care plan that drew upon the expertise and experience of his fellow concussion rehabilitation specialists to best address the range of Tanner’s immediate and residual symptoms. We're happy to report Tanner is on the mend due to his commitment to his physical therapy plan. "I knew that something good was going to come out of it," said Tanner.

"Tanner pushed through it, and as a mom, that makes me proud," said Tanner's mom, Heidi. "Now I have my son back."

Tanner Patient Success Story Video
“Tanner pushed through it, and as a mom, that makes me proud,” said Tanner’s mom, Heidi. “Now I have my son back.”

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