Patient Forms, Responsibilities and Insurance

Answers to questions about care

At NovaCare Rehabilitation, we guide you through your first visit and introduce you to the physical rehabilitation process. We also work with you to make the billing process go as smoothly as possible and ensure your questions are answered along the way. As a courtesy, our patient service specialists will review your plan benefits we receive from your insurance company and work with you on payment options, if needed.

Additionally, we bill your insurance company on your behalf and work to collect the amount you owe, including:

  • Deductible, the amount you must pay before your insurance company begins to pay for services
  • Copayment, the fixed amount due at the time of your appointment
  • Co-insurance, a form of cost sharing that requires you to pay a percentage of your medical services after your deductible has been met
  • Cost for any service not covered by your insurance plan

We highly recommend that you contact your insurance company before your first appointment to confirm therapy services. It is important to understand what services are covered and what you are responsible for paying out of pocket.

Our team is here to help answer your billing questions so you can receive the therapy you need to get back to life. Below, we’ve provided answers to frequently asked questions about insurance and payment requirements.

*Estimated coverage information is provided as a courtesy to our patients, but is not intended to release them from total responsibility of their account balance. The estimation is based on a negotiated contract and any remaining balance due will be billed to you after additional information is received from your insurance company.

Patient forms, responsibilities and insurance FAQs

Please complete, print and bring with you on your first appointment:



Important information about your privacy will be discussed and additional paper will be completed at the center during your first appointment.

  • A deductible is the amount you are responsible to pay for medical services before your health insurance begins to pay. If your health plan deductible has not been met, we may be required to collect a portion of that payment at each visit.
  • A copayment is a fixed amount you will pay for medical services at each visit. If your plan has a deductible for therapy services and it has not been met, you will be required to satisfy your deductible before the copayment would apply.
  • Your insurance card likely lists information about your required copayment. You may also find information in your insurance benefit book or your employer’s human resource department, as well as by calling your insurance company’s customer service department. That number may be listed on the back of your insurance card.  
  • Your copayment amount is based on your contract with your insurance company — usually chosen by you or your employer.
  • Coinsurance is a form of cost sharing that requires you to pay a percentage of your medical services after your deductible has been met. Based on your insurance plan, we may be required to collect a portion of your coinsurance at each visit.

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