Specialty Services

NovaCare Prosthetics & Orthotics offers specialized services for unique needs.

We are committed to being your partner for life, and customizing solutions to help you be as comfortable, independent and active as possible is our passion.

In addition to our prosthetic and orthotic solutions, we offer bracing, cranial helmets and a number of resources as you navigate daily needs along this journey.

Head and spinal bracing

Our nationally certified team of practitioners have specialized training in cervical/neck bracing, spinal bracing, spinal injuries, as well as pediatric head and spine bracing for diagnoses such as scoliosis and positional head malformations.

We create orthotics for many spine issues including pain, fractures and post-surgical stabilization.

The different types of head and spinal orthotics we provide include:

  • Cervical orthosis (CO)
  • Cranial remolding orthosis (CRO)
  • Lumbar-sacral orthosis (LSO)
  • Scoliosis bracing
  • Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO)

Cranial helmets

If you are concerned your child’s head is misshapen and repositioning is not improving head shape, it is important to talk to your pediatrician to identify any underlying causes. Potential conditions causing your child’s head shape include:

  • Plagiocephaly, flattening to one side of your baby’s head – often associated with torticollis, a shortening of neck muscles
  • Brachycephaly, flattening across the entire back of child’s head, causing it to appear wide and high
  • Scaphocephaly, long and narrow head shape, most common in premature birth and prolonged side-laying infants

These conditions have become more common since the “Back to Sleep” initiative was ushered in during the early 1990s. The initiative helped to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by encouraging parents to have their infants sleep on their backs. With this lack of “tummy time,” head asymmetries have risen.

Our certified cranial remolding specialists are experts in repositioning techniques and will fit your child with a Starband® custom-made helmet that will address your child's head shape. While every child is different, he/she will likely wear the helmet 23 hours a day for three to nine months. Duration is based on the age of your child and severity of the asymmetries.

Cranial helmets are available at select locations. Contact us today for more information and availability.


We are proud to be your advocate and partner. We work to coordinate resources, navigate the health care system, and provide treatment options that meet your needs.

The following links may prove helpful on your journey:

For support from foundations that can help those in need and can’t afford a prosthesis, please visit:

If you need assistance with obtaining a cranial remolding orthosis, please visit United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

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