Social Programs

  • Social Thinking Program and Social Group Programs

    At some locations, we offer social skills group therapy to encourage children to use Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® vocabulary and principles. This is accomplished by improving a child/adolescent’s ability to “share space with others, think about others in the shared environment and regulate one’s own behavior to other people’s thoughts or expectations,” (Winner). Each session is run by a licensed occupational therapist or speech-language pathologist and lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Social groups for all ages and needs are frequently developed at each center to meet the needs of the patients. Please contact your therapist or center for details.

    This program involves:

    • Working in groups.
    • Identifying expected and unexpected behaviors in self and others and how those behavior impact the thoughts others have about them.
    • Thinking about what others are thinking about.
    • Understanding what others are thinking about them.
    • Realizing that social thinking is done in all environments (school, home, community).

    Who is a good candidate for social thinking groups and social group programs?

    • Children who use alternative assistive communication devices.
    • Children with the diagnosis of social pragmatic communication disorder, autism spectrum disorder or sensory integration dysfunction.
    • Children who are unable to communicate verbally and could benefit from learning to imitate peer behavior in play.
    • Preteens and adolescents who are having difficulty with maintaining social relationships and/or understanding nonverbal social cues.

    Contact a pediatric therapy center near you for more information or to register your child.