Success Stories

  • Amanda


    Philadelphia, PA

    My recent experience with NovaCare Rehabilitation has meant more than words can explain and I believe Greg Nealis, P.T., is the sole reason I have my life back. At twenty-seven years old, I was not looking forward to living the rest of my life, wondering if they would be filled with continuous pain, worry, and physical restrictions. After visiting five other physical therapists, and three doctors later, I was truly hopeless, depressed, and still in physical pain.

    I injured my foot in August of 2016 and by February of the following year I was in so much pain, I couldn’t stand, walk, teach my class or even brush my teeth before I was in tears. When I started working with Greg, he was unlike another physical therapist I had worked with previously. He took the time to ask questions, developed a rehabilitation plan that accurately lead me to build back up to my job requirements as a dancer. What impressed me the most about Greg, was that in order to help me, he had to put himself in a world he might not have been extremely familiar with, dancing. He had to learn, study, analyze and then break-down the physical strength and unique movements I needed to regain, in order to return to my career, at a professional level.

    Greg not only focused on my physical rehabilitation, but he genuinely cared about the mental process of recovery. He made me feel comfortable and safe within the facility, as I worked on the rehab plan and progressed in my dance recovery, even though I was scared and nervous at each step. Along with addressing my questions, concerns, and progress, Greg supported my rehabilitation by giving me extensive details about my home exercises, walking me through typical dance rehearsal expectations, and planning pre-performance warm-ups and cool-downs for me. He is the only person, and the sole reason why, I was able to recover.

    And recover, I did. Because of Greg, and the caring, welcoming, supportive environment of your team, I was able to recover from a fear of not even standing up, all the way to dancing at Super Bowl LII. I fully, and completely, was back to my job. This would not have been the case, if Greg wasn’t my physical therapist. After five years of hard work with the Philadelphia Eagles, dancing at the Super Bowl was the last moment I had on the field, and by-far, the highlight.

    I am still amazed and speechless to this day about what he has done for me. It’s difficult to write a letter to say about how grateful I am, when there are no words to fully describe how I feel. There is a very special spot in my heart for your Oregon Avenue center, the physical therapists there, the atmosphere you create for your patients, and the care that I received from Greg. With the most gratitude, respect, and recognition, thank you!