Success Stories

  • Ashley Tyler Brayden


    St. Charles, IL

    We started working with NovaCare Kids when my oldest son, Tyler, was displaying signs of his motor skills being grossly delayed. After an initial evaluation with Angela, she recommended that he be fit with leg braces, which proved to be one of the best early interventions. He continued to work with Angela and the rest of her team for speed therapy until he was about five years old. Because of his hard work and the dedication of his therapists, Tyler was able to start school on time with his peers. 

    He still requires daily use of his braces, but he enjoys swimming and golfing. I have no doubt that without the care and attention of Tyler’s therapists he would not be as independent or confident in himself. One of his favorite things to do is breakdown barriers and prove to people, including his doctors, that cerebral palsy doesn’t define him!

    Our story continues with our second child, Brayden. When he was 18 months old, I expressed to my doctor that I was worried about his limited vocabulary. We were able to start speech therapy three times a week and, again, thanks to his hard work and the NovaCare Kids therapists, Brayden was able to improve to where he just has a speech delay. During his speech therapy, we also noticed some early motor delays and started physical and occupational therapy. He has made so many quick and big improvements, and currently enjoys playing soccer with his friends and just started gymnastics.

    I never thought I’d have one child in full-time therapy, let alone two. However, Tyler and Brayden have taught me two very important lessons. First, kids will get there. They’ll reach milestones and improve; it might just not look the same as other kids. Second, therapy early and often works! Thanks to Angela and her team, I have two incredibly brilliant, sweet and strong little men who continue to impress me.