Success Stories

  • David


    Sewell, NJ

    Following surgery on my left shoulder, two rotator cuffs and bicep relocation, I started physical therapy at your Sewell location. From my first interaction with Megan Gallaher, O.T., CHT, I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and was confident with her taking charge in my rehabilitation. Over the next six months, I worked with Megan two to three times a week and followed every bit of her instruction. My shoulder rehabilitation was so successful due to the knowledge she displayed, her never-quit attitude and the constant drive and motivation that she encouraged me to maintain.

    The teamwork among your therapists is beyond impeccable. When I walked into your center, I not only felt important, but was also able to see firsthand how the entire team cares for each patient. Every therapist seems to know what every patient is doing like a well-oiled machine. I have spent more than 18 years serving our country in the United States Marine Corps and have witnessed high levels of teamwork and camaraderie during my military career. What I witnessed within those walls rivaled that of the Marines and would be unbelievable to almost everyone unless they saw it with their own eyes.

    I’ve always believed and lived by the old adage that the troops are only as good as their leader. For me to witness on numerous occasions Donna, the center manager, getting onto the floor to help out with patients is of great value and an incredible morale booster. I have been to the rehabilitation location at the VA hospital in Philadelphia and there is no comparison. NovaCare should be the model for all rehabilitation centers across our great nation.

    Since my shoulder is totally rehabilitated, I have returned to the Sewell center and am currently working with Ariel DuBois, DPT, to help with my chronic back pain. The Sewell center deserves a five-star rating as they are truly second to none. Thank you for all your dedication, not only to me, but all your patients!