Success Stories

  • Lori


    Sicklerville, NJ

    I came to your location in Sicklerville for physical therapy treatment on my knee and from my initial phone call I immediately felt comfortable. Kathy was fantastic in ensuring my insurance requirements were satisfied and confirming I had the appropriate information needed to start my therapy. She always greeted me cheerfully and her appointment reminders were very much appreciated. She was the best way to start and end my therapy!

    Elizabeth was never too busy to say hello and ask how I was feeling. She made me feel welcome and at home, something that she did not only for me, but all of the patients. During one of my sessions, I had the pleasure of working with Zoraida. Her tips were useful and I appreciated the patience she displayed as she walked me through a challenging exercise. I was overly focused on how long it took me to complete this specific exercise, but she cheerfully pointed out I had completed the exercise and knew I could do it again in the future. That simple act of kindness and compassion turned my sense of failure into a feeling of success!

    Specifically, I want to express my appreciation for Matthew. He not only treated my knee injury, he treated me as a whole person. He heard my anxiety and gave me an avenue to relieve it by teaching me about the knee, the muscles and tendons that support it, and the exercise and stretches that would help repair my knee. More impressive was how Matt knew how to read me. Even when I said I was feeling OK, he knew that I wasn’t and never made me feel bad about it. He listened to my concerns and changed up my plan to help me with the areas that were important to my quality of life.

    I have a young son and daughter who need their mom be able to fully participate in their lives. Without Matt’s guidance, support, encouragement, ability to listen and patience, this would not be possible. My family and I will forever be grateful to the Sicklerville team and for helping me #bounceback2it!