Success Stories

  • Jim, Melissa and Ben


    Huber Heights, OH

    At a very young age, my son Ben was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder called Pearson Syndrome; a condition which causes significant health issues, including the ability to see, speak and hear. The disease also affects muscle strength, which oftentimes limits an individual’s ability to walk. There have been less than 100 cases ever diagnosed and most die before the age of three.

    Physical therapy treatment at other providers had been unsuccessful and I was even told by one physical therapist that Ben had a degenerative condition and there was nothing that they could do for him, aside from monitoring his condition and they didn’t provide life-long physical therapy. Devastated, I began searching for a new physical therapy provider.

    A simple Google search led me to your Huber Heights center, and while my father had bragged about the care he received following his knee replacement, I had not considered NovaCare for pediatric care. We began physical therapy last fall, which is when I was first introduced to Jim and his incredible team. While Jim is working with Ben and pushing him to do more, I’ve never once heard Ben complain, say he doesn’t like physical therapy or doesn’t want to go back; all things that he said about our previous provider. His attitude toward physical therapy and Jim is nothing but positive.

    In January of this year I was able to go to a physical therapy session with Ben and what I saw made me cry. Ben was able to skip, play hop scotch and hold a plank for the first time, all of which were activities I never thought possible. Not only is Ben maintaining his strength, but he is gaining strength, endurance and balance. Jim and his staff are not just strengthening Ben’s muscles, but they’re helping him mentally and emotionally. Words can’t describe how great I feel about Jim and his staff. While I don’t have unrealistic expectations of what will happen, Ben has a better outlook and he continues to improve.

    I have been so impressed with how they’ve worked with Ben and the progress that’s been made that following surgery for a torn Achilles, I knew my physical therapy needed to be done with NovaCare, specifically with Jim! He is a miracle worker and has such a great bedside manner and personal touch. Anyone can be a proficient physical therapist, but it takes an extra special person to have the type of heart and character that Jim does. While NovaCare is the name on the door, Jim and his staff are what make the company so special. The Huber Heights team has been an answer to my prayers, and I hope that my words convey how much they have changed our lives and how highly I think of them!