Success Stories

  • Marissa


    Bristol, PA

    Almost six weeks after a bicycling accident on Labor Day last year, I was still suffering from symptoms of a concussion despite strict brain rest. While I felt that a concussion might be the cause of severe headaches, light sensitivity and general fatigue, no one had been able to offer a true diagnosis. Seeking a resolution and answers, I was referred by my family doctor to the Bristol, PA center and Ned Crane, DPT, DAC (physical therapist and concussion management specialist).

    At my initial consultation, Ned was able to offer some relief when he diagnosed me with a concussion, provided exercises to do at home and taught me how to manage my pain and limitations. Immediately, from one appointment to the next, I started to make progress. While having many questions, Ned was able to answer each one while tracking my improvement with objective measurements and knowing when to push and scale back on expectations.

    A milestone was achieved the week of Thanksgiving when I returned to work and later wrapped up therapy in mid-December. While I could read and work again, returning to participating in mid-distance runs was my ultimate goal. During my time at NovaCare, I learned how to recognize and push my limitations and in late March, I not only competed in the Back on My Feet 5-Miler, but also beat my previous record by more than a minute per mile! I recently reached another milestone when I successfully completed the Broad Street Marathon in Philadelphia.

    My gratitude for my recovery continues to fuel my daily life. I talk about NovaCare and their concussion management program all the time and am thankful every time I read a book or go for a jog without pain. Thank you to both NovaCare Rehabilitation and the entire team at the Bristol center!