Success Stories

  • Greg


    Cincinnati, OH

    After having hip revision surgery performed this past November and being a veteran of many orthopaedic procedures, I anticipated a challenging, but uneventful rehabilitation at the NovaCare Eastgate center in Cincinnati, OH, where I had been treated previously. What I didn’t expect was a post-surgery condition which resulted in my lower leg, ankle and foot being totally unresponsive due to temporary nerve damage!

    Under the guidance of Brienne St. Pierre, P.T., and Rita Willingham, PTA, I started my road to recovery by performing adaptive weight bearing exercise where I couldn’t move or even feel my ankle and foot. Through their encouragement and personal care, I was able to complete a cone circuit of exercises using a foot and ankle orthosis. At the end of my sessions, I was introduced to a STEM machine which helped stimulate movement in my foot.

    Throughout my treatment, Brienne and Rita worked as a team to encourage me to move forward when routine exercises became more complicated. They also knew when to cheerlead and when to scale back when I was attempting something foolish.

    Today, I have about 75 percent functionality in my lower leg with the anticipation of full restoration. During the winter and the frequent heavy winter snow storms, I used a snow blower to clear my neighbors’ driveways and now operate my lawnmower in my yard where four months earlier I could have fallen on uneven ground. This summer, I intend to resume sailing across Lake Erie and to stand on a moving sailboat in good balance with two fully functioning legs; a challenge with replaced joints!

    I would recommend the team at NovaCare Eastgate to all my friends as they provide both quality care and high-tech treatment to all of their patients. They really care about our success and that success is measured by patients returning to their busy daily lives! Thank you Brienne, Rita and the entire team at NovaCare Eastgate!