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We work hard to create a positive clinical and customer service experience for our patients. To help our patients reach their recovery goals in a safe and compassionate environment, our experienced therapists develop an individualized plan of care. Each plan is designed to get back to activity, back to work and, most importantly, back to life.

Experience the power of physical therapy today with NovaCare Rehabilitation.

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  • Community Details
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    Professional Recognition
    Vestibular Competency Certification

    Many people experience issues with balance at some point in their lives and are often surprised to learn that the source of imbalance may be the inner ears. The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that process the sensory information involved with controlling balance and eye movements. If disease, genetic conditions or injury damages these processing areas, vestibular disorders can result.

    The majority of imbalance conditions can be helped through vestibular rehabilitation. The goal of treatment is to minimize dizziness, improve balance and prevent falls by restoring normal function of the vestibular system.

    Please call Colleen Boucher at our Sicklerville center located at 485 Williamstown-New Freedom Road at 856-237-8096. Colleen has received her Vestibular Competency Certification and is now treating patients with vestibular disorders.

    Programs We Offer
    Graston Technique
    NovaCare is proud to offer the Graston Technique® for soft tissue mobilization. Injury and many conditions often lead to muscular guarding and pain. The Graston Technique helps to mobilize muscles, tendons and ligaments to decrease pain, improve mobility and stimulate tissue healing. Please click here for a clinic near you: Graston Locations.
    NovaCare is a proud member of the Amputee Coalition of America. Please click here to locate a center near you that offers prosthetics services: Prosthetics.
    Concussion Management Program

    Each year, nearly four million people sustain a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that is caused by a direct force to the head or a jolt to the body. The impact can temporarily disrupt normal functioning and can effect how your brain cells work. You do not need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion and you should seek immediate medical attention anytime a concussion is suspected.

    Through clinical research and positive patient results, our team of athletic trainers, working in conjunction with our specialty trained physical therapists, can significantly help a patient safely return to activity and play following a concussion. Our therapists understand that symptoms and recovery time are unique. We develop an individualized, supervised plan of care that helps increase physical and mental activity. We perform post-concussion testing, interpret results and communicate with your physician to coordinate a safe return to activity. Click here for a center near you: Concussion/Vestibular clinics

    Hand Therapy

    The hand and arm are amazing, complex parts of the human body and essential for all of our self-care, work and leisure activities. Whether writing with a pen, tying shoes, using gardening tools, operating a machine or throwing a ball, our hands and arms must be in good condition to successfully participate in daily activities. When we lose function or have pain due to accidents, disease, repetitive stress and conditions from birth, a highly skilled and specialized approach is essential to restore our upper limbs back to normal.

    To locate a center near you that offers hand therapy services, please click here: Hand Therapy Locator.


    NovaCare Rehabilitation's South Jersey community is proud to offer Biofreeze®. For a center near you, please click here:South Jersey Biofreeze.

    Biofreeze Pain Reliever is the most frequently used and recommended topical pain reliever by healthcare professionals. Biofreeze provides penetrating, long-lasting relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and back pain. The unique menthol containing formula penetrates quickly, preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. Biofreeze is 100 percent paraben-free and propylene glycol-free.

    Built for every body, Fusionetics is a Performance Healthcare System designed to help you understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels. The Fusionetics platform provides multiple benefits with its human performance system. We utilize an efficient implementation process across categories that allow each user to focus on application to deliver results and achieve goals.
    Home Care

    NovaCare Rehabilitation is pleased to announce it is now providing in-home physical therapy for patients unable to transport to an outpatient therapy center in Southern New Jersey. We are offering this service in the following counties: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Ocean and Salem.

    Please call 866-723-6682 or 800-700-NOVA (6682) to schedule an appointment or for more information today!

    LSVT BIG Certified Therapist
    NovaCare Rehabilitation now has a LSVT BIG® certified therapist to treat patients living with Parkinson's disease! LSVT BIG® is a research-based, whole body exercise approach to help individuals with Parkinson's symptoms. NovaCare Rehabilitation offers access to a LSVT BIG® certified physical therapist who is experienced in delivering high-quality patient care. Call 856-234-4397 today to schedule your appointment at our Moorestown center with Allyson Brooks, P.T., DPT.
    Now Selling Active Care

    NovaCare Rehabilitation is now selling Active Care products! Stop by one of our convenient locations to purchase supplies today. Ask about our packages:

    • Running
    • Golf
    • Back Relief
    • Knee
    • Wrist
    • Throwing and Shoulder
    Recover faster with PowerPlay. Now you can recover at home with the same cold and compression therapy you do in the physical therapy center. PowerPlay's intermittent compression helps push swelling and edema up and out of joints to the core of the body, while the cold therapy reduces pain and swelling - getting you up and active faster. Ask your therapist about PowerPlay today!
    ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
    Your quality of life is our life’s work! Cancer patients and survivors often face painful, function-limiting consequences brought on by acute treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. Cancer rehabilitation with our ReVital program can help those individuals regain strength, physical function and the independence they may have lost due to cancer or its treatment. ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation Locator
  • Services & Offerings
    WorkStrategies® Program

    Today, America's employers are very much at risk - paying nearly one billion dollars per week in workers' compensation costs.  Through the WorkStrategies® Program, our main objectives are to: reduce the frequency and severity of injuries; achieve higher levels of employee functionality; and reduce the employer's TOTAL workers' compensation costs and lost work time.

    We partner with employers, case managers, claim managers, TPAs, and insurance companies to provide innovative an cost-effective SOLUTIONS for the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries.

    The WorkStrategies® Program offers the following services:

    • Acute (Work-site) Physical & Occupational Therapy
    • Care Management Office
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations
    • Injury Prevention & Ergonomics
    • Post-Offer Employment Testing
    • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning
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    Patient Information Forms
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