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    Our highly trained staff will design a specialized plan of care that is just right for you. Through experience, advanced clinical training and clear communication with our patients, our therapy team will give you the advantage in recovery.

    We are proud to serve your community and are committed to providing each person an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery in a safe, compassionate environment. Call to request an appointment and experience the power of physical therapy today.

  • Our Team
    Kristine Balsimo, MPT
    Kristine Balsimo
    Kristine has been with NovaCare since she graduated in 2002 from Mayo Clinic. She is the center manager for the Roseville location and brings a variety of specialty treatments. Kristine is a board certified clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy. She customizes each patient's rehabilitation experience to their needs. Her treatment focus includes looking at joint mechanics and body movements, posture and continuous patient education throughout the physical therapy journey. Kristine is a ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation certified clinician and has received post-graduate training to provide vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, TMJ therapy and custom made orthotics for patients. Kristine earned Levels I and II dry needling certification.
    Melinda Gilles, MPT
    Melinda Gilles
    Melinda works in the community in which she lives and feels a personal bond with her patients as they are often people from the neighborhood. She is a compassionate and professional therapist who strives to give exceptional care. Melinda earned a master's degree in physical therapy from St. Catherine’s University. She is a certified ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation specialist. She has a special interest and emphasis on post-surgical rehabilitation, including rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements and fracture ORIFs. She is Dry Needling Levels I and II certified and trained to work with amputees for gait, exercise and balance.
    Rick Hjelm, MPT
    Rick Hjelm
    Rick is passionate about orthopaedic physical therapy. His clinical expertise lies with shoulder patients, both non-operative and post-surgical. He believes the combination of using hands-on techniques, re-education of specific muscles and exercise is the key to restorative rehabilitation. Rick earned a master's degree in physical therapy from the University of Indianapolis.
    Tanya Meyer, DPT
    Tanya Meyer
    Tanya started at NovaCare Rehabilitation after graduating from Mayo Clinic in 2018. She has a variety of special interests including working with patients with balance, vestibular and concussion symptoms. She has a passion for utilizing evidence-based practice and taking into account the whole body for each patient’s customized care.
    Michael Gerszewski, OTR
    Michael Gerszewski
    Michael specializes in hand therapy treating various conditions of the upper extremity from the neck down to the hand. He strives to maximize the patient's rehab experience through evidence-based practice and empowering the individual with education and tools to complement their healing. Outside of work he enjoys bouldering, rollerblading and cross country skiing.
  • Our Services
    Our Services
    • Physical Therapy
      Amputee Rehabilitation
    • Cancer Rehabilitation
    • Dry Needling
    • Fall Prevention Program
    • Fibromyalgia Treatment
    • Headache Treatment
    • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Manual Therapy
    • Neurologic Rehabilitation
    • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
    • Osteoporosis Management
    • Physical Therapy
    • Pre-/Post-Operative Care
    • Prenatal/Postpartum Rehabilitation
    • ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
    • Spine Program
    • TMJ/TMD Rehabilitation
    • Vestibular Rehabilitation
    • Hand Therapy
      Arthritis / Osteoarthritis Program
    • Hand Therapy
    • Joint Mobilization
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Sports Medicine
      Athletic Training Services
    • Concussion Management
    • Sports Medicine
    • Work Health
      Ergonomic Programs
    • Injury Prevention
    • Post-Offer Employment Testing
    • Prosthetics & Orthotics
      Lower Extremity Orthotics
    • Spinal
    • Upper Extremity Orthotics

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