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  • Introducing the Run Safe App

    At NovaCare Rehabilitation, we are all about helping athletes live better through the power of physical therapy. As such, our sports medicine team is constantly striving for ways to provide innovative services to meet the needs of our athletic community.

    Our sports medicine team is proud to announce the launch of our medically-based Run Safe Program and App. This program was created as a foundation for athletic success by building strength, endurance and confidence.

    The Run Safe App features videos of exercises to implement prior to and immediately following a run. The post-run routine focuses on proprioception, strength and conditioning and performance training. The program and app are supplemented with Performance Health products, which are available to athletes at any NovaCare center.

    Why is the Run Safe App important?

    • There are more than 40 million runners in the U.S. with 46 percent reporting some running-related injury.
    • More than 75 percent of runners experience at least one overuse injury during training.
    • More than 90 percent of running injuries occur in the lower kinetic chain, with the knee being the most injured body part.
    • Forty-nine percent of runners report an injury in just the last year of training and the risk for these injuries increases as runners increase their training mileage.
    • The majority of all running injuries are non-contact in orientation and are considered preventable. Non-contact injuries typically result from a variety of causes, including poor biomechanics, decreased flexibility, strength and endurance and improper training technique.

    Look for the Run Safe App available on IOS and Android and run safe.